“Dr. Ben is an amazing Chiropractor. He’s personable, knowledgeably informed, and excellent at what he does. He is familiar with Crossfit athletes and quick to be able to identify problematic areas due to poor form or overuse. In fact, he is also a Crossfit Coach and is very familiar with an active athlete’s lifestyle. I would quickly recommend him to anyone who might be suffering from any type of aches and pains or who simply needs an adjustment. My wife has suffered from a lower back SI joint pain and every time she sees Dr. Ben the adjustment is like magic and she is back up and running in full gear. Highest recommend of the Chiropractor’s we have seen in the last year.” ~ Taylor F

“I have consulted many different chiropractors over the last 15 years, trying to find relief for my lower back pain. I had my first appointment with Dr. Ben Butwin. After a severe bout of sciatica, and he provided immediate relief. Dr. Ben is warm, caring and funny. He spends time asking questions and examining my back. I have referred three of my friends to Dr. Ben and they all love him.” ~ Michelle M

“Dr. Butwin is single-handedly responsible for restoring my quality of life. I was plagued with chronic neck pain that had become quite debilitating. Upon my first visit, I was immediately impressed with Dr. Butwin’s knowledge and positive attitude. That initial neck adjustment brought me tremendous relief. I left the office with the hope of living a pain-free life. And now, after regular adjustments, my chronic pain is gone! He has also successfully treated my husband and two daughters. I strongly recommend Dr. Ben.” ~ Jill R

“I was in an auto accident a few years back that caused my lower left side of my back to have ongoing problems, with Dr. Ben’s help I have better movement and no pain. I recommend Butwin Chiropractic with two thumbs up!!” ~DeBar M

“I have had lower back pain for years and most recently hip pain. With your adjustments, I have not had the back pain, as well as, my hip is feeling much better. It has allowed me to play more golf without the pain I typically have to endure. I would recommend Dr. Butwin to anyone who has pain and is not looking for medicine or surgery.” ~ Jim H