Butwin Chiropractic was founded on four key virtues: honesty, compassion, intellect, and excellence. While the latter two are essential to success, they are nothing without an honest plan and a compassionate mindset. These virtues represent not only how we will treat patients, but why.

An honest and compassionate approach to health care starts with the patient at the center. We do not believe in “cookie-cutter” chiropractic or rushing patients in and out of a conveyer-belt-type system. Every patient encounter will take into consideration your goals, needs, abilities, and finances to ensure that everything is done to help you recover and stay well. You will not be forced to take X-rays unless clinically necessary, and you will not be coerced into signing up for “long-term” treatment plans. Instead, Dr. Butwin will work with you to decide on a customized treatment plan for your specific condition. If there is a therapy or doctor outside our clinic that we feel could help you, he will refer you out to someone he knows and trusts.

Trust is established and results are best achieved through an educated, evidence-based plan. You will be taught the science and research supporting chiropractic medicine. You will learn about the cumulative injury cycle, why your body has given you the pain or symptoms your are experiencing, and what we can do together to fix it. You will learn the anatomy and physiology that are altered before, during, and after your treatment. And you will be educated on ways to stay healthy when you’re not in the office – through stretching, strengthening, or mobilizing your bodies at home to aid in a faster recovery, and to return for maintenance visits as needed.

Finally, excellence encompasses our entire philosophy – we commit to doing right by you, the patient, and to doing the best, most effective job possible to get you better and keep you that way. It is our honor, pleasure, and purpose at Butwin Chiropractic to serve you and help you live the to be there for you in every way we can to live the most optimal, healthy life possible.